A green commercial contractor


Today I ran into a guy who works as a commercial contractor…Big deal you say…well, here at Let’s Pollute, we’re all about the environment, and this contractor was right up my alley! He is also passionate about the environment, so we hit it off.

Almost all the vehicles in his fleet are hybrid or electric.

Whenever possible, he only uses environmentally friendly products: paint, tape, floor coverings, etc.

He always pushes for his clients to use solar energy.

So as you can see, this guy is doing right by this earth! So if by chance you need a building built and are looking for a commercial contractor, then check out Boulder Builders Commercial Contractors. They won’t let you down!

Also check out some of their pictures on Yelp:

Kitchen remodel

Kitchen cabinets

Mobile dent repair?

Some one just told me about this kind of service…it’s called “mobile dent repair” or “paintless dent repair.” From what little I know at the moment, I’m all for it! I think it is better for the environment all around because the service is not using extra paint, and is not using all kinds of heavy machinery, so there are less pollutants getting into the atmosphere.

Anyways, check it out here: http://seattlemobiledentrepair.com/ and let me know what you think!

Air Pollution by City

Take a look at the list below of the top cities in the world with the worst air pollution.  I got this data from wikipedia, and we can always trust everything we read on wikipedia, right?  But seriously, i think wikipedia is an authoritative source on generic, pure data-driven stuff like this. It’s when you get into the more subjective content that more of the bias starts to come through. And then you only notice that if you know a good deal about the subject at hand. …Anyways, enough of my wikipedia rant.

Back to air pollution. This data is from 2004, so it’s a little outdated, and this may have changed since then, but you’ll get the general idea. Notice how most of the cities are in either China or India. I guess that makes sense since those are the most densely populated countries in the world.

The number to the left of the city is air particulate matter in micro-gram per cubic meter. Just to give you a point of reference, New York is listed at an average of 85…so really not that far behind these guys.

168 CairoEgypt
150 DelhiIndia
128 Kolkata, India (Calcutta)
125 TianjinChina
123 Chongqing, China
109 Kanpur, India
109 Lucknow, India
104 JakartaIndonesia
101 Shenyang, China

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. Stay tuned for more pollution related news and info!

Pollution World Wide

Smog and pollution is not just a problem in the US. In fact, it’s probably more of a problem in a lot of other parts of the world. From 2005-2009 I was travelling to South East Asia about once a year, and the first time I went to Thailand, the pollution was quite bad. And then we went to Calcutta, India, and the pollution was even worse. I mean, in India, I would wash my hands in the hotel room, walk across the street to pick something up, get back into the hotel room, and when I washed my hands again, the water running off my soapy hands was grey…as in dirty. That’s how bad the pollution was there. Blowing my nose, and the snot was practically black! Yuck!

But in Thailand, the first time I went, the pollution was pretty bad. But over the next few years coming to visit, the pollution was actually getting better! I think what significantly improved the air quality was all the little three-wheeled motorcycle-taxis. In Bangkok especially, there are tons of these things all over the place. So what they did was made some kind policy that mandated all theses motorcycle-taxis to stop using gasoline (I think they’re all CNG now). That drastically reduced the emissions from these vehicles, and subsequently significantly reduced the smog throughout the city.

Anyways, just a little story there for you. Well, here’s what I wanted to share with you:

List of the top 10 most polluted cities world-wide (I’m actually surprised that Calcutta is not on this list…):

1. Ahwaz, Iran

2. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

3. Sanandaj, Iran

4. Ludhiana, India

5. Quetta, Pakistan

6. Kermanshah, Iran

7. Peshawar, Pakistan

8. Gaborone, Botswana

9. Yasouj, Iran

10. Kanpur, India

Into comics?

I found this on comicvine the other day.

Captain Pollution is the complete opposite of Captain Planet. He is summoned by Dr. Blight’s five evil rings; deforestation, super radiation, smog, toxics and hate. These powers are in contrast to the five good rings held by the planeteers; earth, fire, wind, water and heart.

Like Captain Planet’s powers are rejuvenated by solar energy, Captain Pollution’s powers are strengthened by the contact with pollution.

Captain Pollution appears to be a corrupted version of Captain Planet. He has sickly yellow skin covered in orange sores and scabs, purple clothes similar to Captain Planet’s red ones, the globe emblem on his chest is cracked and he has long filthy orange hair.

Captain Planet was usually formed in a flash of light but Captain Pollution’s formation is far more creepy. As the evil powers converge a skeleton forms, then bands of evil energy wrap around it, forming Captain Pollution’s flesh and skin.

Captain Planet defeated Captain Pollution by tackling his through the four elemental powers, smashing him into the ground, through lava and water and then throwing him into the clean air. This destroyed the five evil rings and left Captain Pollution powerless and stranded on Commander Clash’s island.